Seattle Considers Banning Evictions During The Winter

It is no secret that winters in Seattle are cold and harsh. Our Seattle full-service movers are particularly familiar with that cold as they continue to carry out relocations even during the dead of winter. For the vulnerable like the poor and homeless, Seattle winters can be dangerous and quickly become life-threatening situations.

A proposed Seattle eviction ban intends to prevent citizens from having to face situations like that. On December 9th, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant introduced legislation that would ban residential eviction during the colder winter months. Our Seattle local movers discuss the proposed Seattle eviction ban and what it may mean for Seattle tenants.

What Does The Eviction Ban Mean for Seattle Tenants?

According to Councilmember Sawant’s proposal, residential evictions would be prohibited from November 1 all the way to March 31. Should the legislation be approved by the city council, Seattle would be the first city in the U.S. with this type of law. The closest law would be the one in San Francisco that protects school employees and families with children from evictions during the school year.1

As it is currently written, the proposed Seattle eviction ban would cover all evictions, even those that fall under just-cause eviction law such as failure to pay rent. While Councilmember Sawant is open to refining the proposed law, she and the City of Seattle Renters’ Commission believes such a law could go a long way to protect Seattle tenants.

“Passing such a moratorium will keep neighbors from being displaced to the streets during the months with the harshest weather and poorest living conditions for neighbors living unsheltered.” – The City of Seattle Renters’ Commission 2

The city council will probably take some time investigating the proposed legislation and its potential effects before deciding whether to pass the proposed ban. The proposal will likely go through multiple edits before then. Regardless of the upcoming process, many in Seattle’s council believe preventing evictions during the cold and harsh winter months is important.

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