Can You Live in a Storage Unit?

It is no secret that in recent years the cost of living, particularly housing costs, has risen quite a bit. These rises in costs have been so great that people have turned towards alternative forms of housing instead of traditional homes and apartments. Some of these alternatives are perfectly safe and legal, but when it comes to living in a storage container, the story is much more complicated.

Established Moving & Storage, the expert movers Washington can trust, have experience as residential movers and know the ins and outs of housing in the state. This will not be a guide on how to live in a storage unit but instead will be an analysis of the legality of living inside storage units and why it is such.

Is it Legal to Live in a Storage Unit?

Can you stay in a storage unit? Technically, it is an enclosed space that has room for certain items. This does not mean that it is recommended and, legally, it’s not even allowed. Living in storage units is illegal in the United States. It has been deemed an uninhabitable space in the eyes of the law and should be respected as such. Even though the mere illegality of the practice should be respected, there is an understandable desire to know why it is prohibited in the United States. There are a host of reasons to consider your decision to live in a storage unit – some legal and others are health and safety reasons.

Issues With Living in a Storage Container

So, apart from the illegality of deciding to live in a storage unit, what other issues should you be aware of when considering this housing alternative? The most important issue is that it is simply unsafe.

Being that these containers and units are crafted for storage and not for living means that there are no residential zoning or safety precautions in place to account for human life. Anything could be inside of these facilities, from the flammable to the poisonous. Living in one of these facilities could spell the end of your life. Be sure to reconsider the option of living in such containers and units and find proper and safe housing that is not only fully legal but also safe.

Our Expert Washington State Movers

If you are considering moving to the Seattle-Everett area, granted it is not transporting you to live in a storage unit, then be sure to get with the expert Washington movers at Established Moving & Storage! Our expert movers pride themselves on their transparency, so feel free to get a complimentary online quote today or reach out to our team with any questions you may have about the relocation process. Looking to learn more about Washington State or any of the other locations we service across the country? Then feel free to read some of our other moving articles whenever you have the chance.


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